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PurityGirls, do you believe that parents & guardians just don't get you at all? Parents & Guardians, does it sound like your PurityGirls are difficult to understand?  Well, it's time to bridge the gap in communication so we can call a truce! Understanding genHERational differences makes things easier when everyone is understood.  Join PurityGirl Inc. on June 24th as we celebrate 10 years of serving the Girl community, but also chat about our differences, how we communicate, and how to overall bridge the missing links that cause friction in our relationships.
We’ll provide the movie, the panel of discussion, and other treats; the LOOK Dine-in Cinema (Dallas) will have a great menu selection to order from at a small cost  — and get this … the staff will come to YOU! No waiting in lines to order, etc.
This will be a great event with lots of fun, communication, and cake...cause what's a birthday without CAKE?

Register now and bring your voice because SHE speaks.

Happy 10th Birthday, PurityGirl Inc!
It’s gonna be a party, and YOU all are invited!🎬🎂🎉

She Speaks...

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

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