PurityGirl, Inc. Programs


PurityGirl Program

PurityGirl, Inc.'s flagship is centered around a 12-month program consisting of workshops that provide education and awareness of teen social issues such as bullying, human trafficking, physical and emotional abuse, teen pregnancy, and self-worth.  

PurityGirl Ambassadors

PurityGirl Ambassador Program is the next level journey for young ladies ages 16-18 years of age who have modeled and completed the PurityGirl 12-month program.


The PurityGirl Ambassadors are advocates,  mentors, and strategic planners for PurityGirl, Inc. They are committed to helping to determine the future of the organization.

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PurityGirl LeadHERship Academy (PGLA)

The PurityGirl LeadERship Academy program is a virtual bi-weekly (10 weeks) interactive self-esteem program (for girls ages 10-14) composed of a robust curriculum greatly influenced by Social Emotional Learning skills (SEL).


Social-Emotional Learning skills are the building blocks that help our youth be successful in school, at home, with friends, as a person, understand choices, learn how to develop positive relationships, and make positive decisions for the future.