PurityGirl Inc. Events
Date & Time Rescheduled (TBD)
Redbird Skateland
Roll with PG! PurityGirl, Inc. Birthday Skate Party!!
Date & Time Rescheduled (TBD)
Dallas Int. University-Activity Center
Join PurityGirl, Inc. on June 27th from 9am to 3pm as we go head to head on what’s holding us back from being all we’re called to be! And by the way - we have an EXCELLENT lineup of speakers for YOU! Hope to see your pretty face in the place!
Date & Time Rescheduled (TBD)
Dallas Int. University- Cornerstone Hall
Healing the Wounds of Trauma
Join us for this two-day in-depth healing session focused on healing the wounds of our past; freeing us to serve God and others with a healthy mind, body, and spirit. (Ages 18 and above; 15 available slots)
Date & Time Rescheduled (TBD)
Dallas Int. University-Event Center
#EducateHER - Mom ENOUGH!
As Mothers and Motherly figures, you are always in one of threeplaces … in front of us to cheer us on, behind us to have our backs, or next to us so that we are not alone. As a result, we want to spend the day with you - talking, doing, learning, sharing, and collaborating!

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